Are freelancers employees of 925 Freelancing Inc?

All freelancers on the 925 Freelancing platform are independant contractors. They are NOT employed by 925 Freelancing inc. As an independant contractor you are responsible for all remittances and deductions. Each freelancer agrees to a set of terms clarifying their responsibility prior to access to the platform.

Are freelancers employees of the businesses they accept shifts for?

Freelancers accepting shifts through the platform are NOT employees of the businesses requesting their services. Each shift is a defined contract as laid out in the terms of service. Work outside of the scope of the agreed upon contract in any capacity is not covered by 925 freelancing Inc.

How does the pay work?

The platform processes payments in 3-5 days. Pay for contracts completed will be issued out via E-transfer the following Tuesday. 925 Freelancing is NOT responsible for remittances or deductions. For further details please consult the terms of service agreement.

What if a workplace is unsafe?

If you find any hazards, situations, or issues in a workplace that you feel are unsafe, outside of your comfort or physical capabilites; STOP work immediately and leave the worksite. 925 Freelancing will always stand behind workers safety and you will not be penalized, questioned or second guessed. Your safety is the number one priority at all times. You will be compensated for the full shift in this event.