How it Works

An Intuitive App for Your Employment Needs.

Find work that is perfect for your life. Through a simple app on your phone, 925 Freelancing provides you with access to a world of potential jobs for you to sift through at your leisure. The entire process is simple and streamlined. Let’s take a look at each step to give you a better sense of what’s in store for new freelancers and employers alike.

How it works for you

Get Registered & Verified

First, employers are verified and create their own profiles to be displayed on their 925 job postings. When an employer creates a new posting on 925, they will specify the location, dates & times, and requirements of the position alongside a brief description.
Now that the job posting has been made, freelancers will begin to see it show up in their 925 feeds.

Post and Search Job Listings

As freelancers search through listings, they may choose to filter the available postings to find jobs that fit their niche or specialties.
After applying, freelancers will receive notifications with any changes to their application status.

Start Working!

The last step for the successful applicant is to show up and complete the job! Employers will then use the app to mark the job as completed at the end of the shift. At this point the payments will be held until payday, then released to the freelancer electronically.
At any point freelancers and employers are encouraged to submit questions directly to 925 Freelancing to be addressed by our support team.

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